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Pilates Classes

We have temporarily suspended our Pilates classes until further notice. Please check back with us soon!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:30-7:30am Indoor Cycling (Brooke) Kettlebells (Steve) Indoor Cycling (Steve) Kettlebells (Chris) Indoor Cycling (Lori)  
7:30-8:30am 8-9am Yoga (Stephanie) 8-9am Body Sculpt (Nicole) 8-9am Yoga (Nicole) 8-9am Body Sculpt (Nicole) 8-9am Yoga (Jenny)  
11:30-12:30pm Indoor Cycling (Nicole) Yoga (Renee) Indoor Cycling (Janyn) Yoga (Renee) 12-1pm Indoor Cycling (Ferenc)  
4:30-5:30pm Bootcamp (Rob)          
Zumba (Amanda)  P90X (TBD)
Zumba (Amanda)    

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Enjoy Free Pilates Classes with Your Membership

All levels are welcome!

Our bodies develop imbalances through our day-to-day living - wearing high heels, carrying a bag over the same shoulder, and slouching in our chairs.

Pilates helps us to correct these imbalances by increasing our body awareness and control, focusing on proper alignment and core strength.

Several options are offered for each exercise so that the beginner can practice right along with the advanced Pilates student. Most exercises are done on the floor - sitting or lying on our backs, stomachs, or sides.

As we learn the exercises, we start with the simplest option to allow beginning students to learn, while advanced students will progress to more challenging versions of the exercise. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, but to listen to and respect their bodies.

All of our classes are included with your membership, no additional fees! View our full class calendar for a schedule of all upcoming classes and events.

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