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Staying Fit on the Road

Phil Ray - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Road warriors are salespeople, customer service reps, and mid-level to upper-level corporate execs in companies of all sizes. Many travel by air or car in large territories requiring 25% – 75% travel making it very difficult to manage any type of consistent fitness program. What do you do to stay fit and healthy on the road?


Staying “Above Normal”

It’s interesting how inconsistent we all seem to be with our workouts when we are on the road, even though we are well aware of the many benefits of a consistent exercise regimen. We just turned over a new year and gyms everywhere were most likely full and we all wait in unexpectedly longer lines for machines or weights, and stuff ourselves into uncomfortably full group classes. In a matter of weeks however, things should be back to “normal”. How do some manage to stay above “normal”?

Many of us need the extra incentive and motivation that comes from working out with friends; someone to hold us accountable, challenge and encourage us. Enter the Personal Trainer. Trainers provide us with the motivation and incentive we need, while in addition helping us maintain good form while shooting for our goals. Many look to a personal trainer for help in training guidance, setting goals, accountability and diet recommendations.


Finding Fitness Facilities On the Road

Some hotels are better than others for having reasonable exercise facilities, for example, Marriott Courtyard and Hilton Garden Inns. A great website for road warriors that I have found is

Road Warriors need a remote personal trainer, exercise-friendly hotel facilities, and healthy restaurants. No way can road warriors be counted on to be in town consistently for a set workout schedule, let alone regularly scheduled personal training sessions or scheduled group classes. The challenges to a personal trainer with a road warrior client are formidable but can be offset somewhat by simply maintaining trainer / client contact through cloud-based exercise and program management tools.


Keeping it Simple

Road warriors will typically have access to treadmills and ellipticals of varying quality at the usual hotel locations. In some cases a set of dumbbells is available, and in rare situations, universal type workout machines. Many hotels have local gym relationships that accommodate the hotel’s customers for a daily workout. If you have a membership with a national chain like 24-Hour Fitness, an exercise facility can be close by (if you think ahead and make hotel reservations accordingly).

The road warriors’ personal trainer has tools flexible enough to accommodate routines that adapt to the limited equipment available to the road warrior client. Road warrior routines must leverage body weight and the limited space of a hotel room or the closet-sized hotel fitness rooms. The innovative road warrior can carry a variety of equipment (depending on whether or not the traveler is driving, flying, or checking bags). Some easy to carry, versatile equipment includes resistance bands, a jump rope, and a kettlebell or two.

Is it worth it? Exercising on the road? Instead of just waiting to get back home? When I think of the total cost of having me out on the road (i.e. plane ticket, hotels and meals for multiple days, etc.), I think I owe to the company I work for to be on top of my game. Regular exercise means better sleep, less lethargy, and an overall better experience for my presentation to my customer. Likewise, when I arrive back home, I’m not spending 24 – 48 hours “recovering” from being on the road because I’m more rested and ready for my home base routine.

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