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Personal Best is a Lakewood fitness center and health club offering personal training, & group classes including kettlebells, yoga, pilates, zumba, indoor cycling and more. We have personal trainers, diet & nutrition consultants, and fitness assessment experts available to help you set and achieve your health and fitness goals. If you live or work in the Lakewood / Golden Colorado area, WE are the gym for YOU!
Personal Best Fitness Center
Monday Friday
5:30 a.m. 8:30 p.m.
Saturday 7:30 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
Sundays / Holidays CLOSED

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Top Five Reasons Why
People Come to Our
Lakewood Fitness Center
1) Convenience!
Visible from I-70 & Denver West Blvd.  Within walking distance of Denver West Office Park businesses, Camden &  Montrachet apartments.  A short drive from Applewood, Arvada, Golden, Morrison, Genesee, Lakewood and Evergreen.  Our FULL SERVICE fitness facility has served these communities since 2003!
3) You’re welcome here!
Deconditioned?  Need help with your weight?  Athlete?  Old?  Young?  You’ll find our fitness center and our professional staff accommodates EVERYONE!
4) SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE membership!
Only $39 a month, pay month to month, everything’s included … group classes, etc.
5) GREAT Group classes & great variety!
Yoga, Body Sculpting,  Indoor Cycling, Kettlebells, Aerobics and introducing ZUMBA!
All our services are provided by an expertly trained, experienced  staff (we’re also a certified school, The National Personal Training Institute of Colorado).

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Group Classes
(included in your membership)
Boot Camps
Body Sculpting
Kettlebells…a 700 year old “fad”!
Indoor Cycling


Personal Trainers - Weight Room - Yoga - Pilates - Zumba - Indoor Cycling - MORE!

Personal Best Fitness Center

It's not about the gym. It's about YOU.
It's not about the personal trainer. It's about YOU.
It's not about the new equipment, and the free weights, and the clean, classy locker rooms, and the indoor cycling bikes .

"Find your way to Fitness"
orientation session will show YOU how to get in the best shape of your life and help YOU discover what how to overcome whatever has come between you and better (or even GREAT) physical fitness. We’ll help you with weight management, designing a do-able exercise program, and more!

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Personal Best - Lakewood

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In order to ensure an optimal personal training experience, we have a state of the art facility fully equipped with: Cardio / aerobic training equipment, Strength / anaerobic training equipment, fitballs, plyometric boxes, the Total Gym, Reebok step boards, therabands, and more.
Personal Training Fitness programs
YOU will be motivated by the certified, experienced personal fitness trainers of Personal Best @ Denver West! Our personal training programs designed to take the "guessing" out of what it takes to reach "the next level"

"So Let it Be Written, Let it Be Done! FREE Fitness Journal with your Personal Training Package!"

Ader Kettlebells Colorado

We offer Ader brand kettlebells & many kettlebell accessories!
Why buy an Ader kettlebell from us? Click here to find out why

Kettlebells Colorado
Please visit our new site dedicated solely to kettlebells and kettlebell accessories by clicking the following link. is your best source for kettlebells Colorado

The best value and quality at about $1.55 per pound, no outrageous shipping charges, an unequaled trade in program, and FREE training with your purchase!   

Our programs are designed to fit your unique needs, and help YOU become Your PERSONAL BEST! TODAY!

Kettlebell Fitness Bootcamp Fitness Class


Yoga Group Fitness Weight Room


Come see our NEW 1,400 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring in our remodeled Group Exercise Room.
Group classes are included in your monthly membership!

Group Fitness Classes Lakewood Colorado Group Fitness Classes


Coed Kettlebell Group Classes in Lakewood CO
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